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To Hell and Back: Divine Love and the Cross | Anne Marie Schmidt

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Anne Marie Schmidt grew up in a world that now seems almost like a storybook. It was a small village in a devoutly catholic corner of Czechoslovakia, a village filled with loving people, people who knew that god was their father and they called d him Abba. When someone was sick, the bell in the church would ring so that everyone would know that prayer was needed. Wherever they were - in a street, factory, or field -  they would drop to their knees to intercede.

It was good that she grew up in that village with her family because only by knowing Jesus was Anne Marie Schmidt able to cope with the events that began as a storybook and soon turned into a nightmare of horror. In this incredible audio series, Ann Marie Schmidt shares her incredible experiences as a prisoner in both the Nazi prison camp at Auschwitz and thee salt mines of Siberia