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Terry Barber

Terry Barber is an international speaker and has been instrumental in founding three incomparable Catholic organizations – Saint Joseph Communications, The Catholic Resource Center, and Lighthouse Catholic Media and is a co-host for The Terry and Jesse Show (formerly on Immaculate Heart Radio, on EWTN’s Reasons for Faith Live with Jesse Romero and on Relevant Radio) now on Virgin Most Powerful Radio, a network he founded.

Terry has been instrumental in helping promote Catholic radio since the 1980s, when there were only 5 Catholic stations across the country and has been heard over the years on over 180 Catholic radio stations around the United States. As the founder of Saint Joseph Communications and the Catholic Resource Center; the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Lighthouse Catholic Media, Terry Barber has hosted countless conferences. Before beginning his radio hosting career, Terry touched millions of lives through audiotape and CD evangelization, and in the past 30+ years, Terry has distributed over 25 million inspirational Catholic audio CDs and DVDs.
As the founder of Saint Joseph Communications, the largest international Catholic audio and video reproduction and distribution company in the United States with distributors in Canada, England, Australia and the Philippines, Terry Barber has over 35+ years experience in evangelization in the Catholic Church; his two most influential talks today are The Ten Commandments of Evangelization and The Five Reasons to be Catholic.

Terry’s first book, How to Share Your Faith with Anyone, was published by Ignatius Press in October 2013 with endorsements from the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Most Rev. Jose H. Gomez, author/speaker Stephen Ray and Catholic Answers founder Karl Keating. Over more than two decades, Terry has gone on to affect millions of lives through audiotape and CD evangelization and, in the past 30+ years, he has distributed over 25 million inspirational Catholic audio CDs and DVDs. If you have ever listened to Dr. Scott Hahn, Jesse Romero, Steve Wood, Steven Ray, Tim Staples or Dr. Michael Barber, you have indirectly been influenced by this man through one of his evangelization ministries. Now, this true pioneer of Catholic evangelization has just released another book about the Blessed Mother.