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(15-Part Series) The Liber Christo Method: A Model for Spiritual Deliverance

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There is no doubt that Spiritual Deliverance is dangerous, but now there is a protocol for protection. The only successful form of liberation is self-liberation through the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. With this 15-episode series, Dr. Dan Schneider and Jesse Romero demonstrate the importance of the Spiritual Authority Structure and Monastic lifestyle. Listeners will be intrigued as Schneider and Romero use Church documents and Scripture to make the argument that "the impositions of hands" are not found in the Bible or Tradition for the use of demonic exorcism. Join us as explore what every Catholic needs to know about Deliverance.

Posting Schedule (you will receive an email once the new episode is uploaded):

  1. Introduction to the Deliverance Model (28:42)

  2. The Basics for Blessings (1:05:26)

  3. The Sin of Curiosity (20:42)

  4. The Three-fold Charisms (22:09)

  5. The Great Commission (21:13)

  6. TBA (June 2024)

  7. TBA  (June 2024)

  8. TBA (June 2024)

  9. TBA (June 2024)

  10. TBA 

  11. TBA 

  12. TBA 

  13. TBA

  14. TBA

  15. TBA