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The Book of Hebrews | Dr. Scott Hahn

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The study of this intense New Testament epistle brings the trials of the early Church to life as Dr. Hahn vividly shares the early Christians' desperate search for meaning in times of intense confusion and persecution. What makes the Letter to the Hebrews one of the most challenging books of the New Testament?

What is the traditional truth behind the modern contentions surrounding the original authorship and ultimate significance of this controversial ancient document? Discover the answers to these questions and many more when you order the classic presentation, House of the Rising Son-The Book of Hebrews by renowned Catholic theologian Dr. Scott Hahn.

You Are There
Now available for the first time on CD, Scott Hahn's groundbreaking presentation brings this under-appreciated epistle powerfully to life by putting you directly in touch with the exciting events of the time! More than a review of dusty ""facts and figures"" you'll discover what was really at stake for these early Jewish converts to Christ as they faced an inevitable, bloody confrontation with the ancient world's most powerful empire.

The Jewish Christians who received this letter would soon witness the annihilation of their sacred homeland and God's holy temple. They desperately needed to understand how Christ could give meaning to their heart breaking anguish - just as He can make sense of the intense suffering that Catholics still experience today.

You'll gain important new insights into your own faith as Dr. Hahn unpacks this inspired book to reveal how, then as now, the Catholic religion is far more than some mere academic abstraction, but a real-life drama with eternal consequences.

Explicitly Catholic
This remarkable series really amounts to what you might expect to learn in a university course or a high-priced seminar on how to study Scripture. And as usual Dr. Hahn combines the scholarship of a theologian with the down-to-earth teaching style that has made him a best selling author and one of the country's most sought after Catholic speakers.

The only Pauline letter written to a Jewish audience, ironically the Epistle to the Hebrews is one of the most explicitly Catholic books of the New Testament. Order House of the Rising Son-The Book of Hebrews now and discover how the various covenants of the Old Testament are perfectly fulfilled in the Christian Sacraments, the sacred oaths of the New and Eternal Covenant.


How the priesthood is the relationship between God and us
Unravel the mystery of who really wrote the Book of Hebrews
How the Word of God is a person
Why angels were so important to the Jews
The significance of the High Priesthood of Jesus
Why the Jerusalem Temple was located on the mount where Abraham nearly sacrificed Isaac
How the ""end of the world"" brings renewal to God's people
How the sinless Jesus could be truly tempted
The meaning of the ""Mercy Seat""
The incredible relation between Noah's son Shem and the mysterious Melchizedek
How the new and eternal covenant in Jesus is the central theme of the book of Hebrews
And more