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Genesis 1-22: The Covenant is a Family Affair | Dr. Scott Hahn

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Most people are familiar with the colorful tales of the first book of Scripture - Adam and Eve's fall, Cain's Murder of Abel, etc. - but rarely does the average person actually understand them or their significance to human destiny. In this series, renowned Bible scholar and Catholic theologian, Dr. Scott Hahn takes you through the first 22 chapters of Genesis and isolates the key interpretive principles found therein, carefully explaining them one by one. Next, Dr. Hahn examines several recurring themes which connect the various persons. events and genres of both the Old and New Testaments. so that a clear-cut pattern - God's plan for salvation - is disclosed.

If you've been confused and frustrated in your study of the Bible, this enlighting series will help you see "the whole story" by taking you back to where it all began.