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Damnation History: Understanding Sin in the Light of Salvation | Dr. Scott Hahn

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Get a grip on Sin & more fully appropriate God's Gig of Salvation...

Discover your Divine Destiny by Laying Claim to Your Unholy Heritage!

Highlights of this Series:
- What is the root cause of sin -- both personal and corporate
- How faith purifies reason from presumption
- Why believers are commanded to "make holy" the Sabbath and the things of God
- How the Symbolism of good and evil is written in the very fabric of creation
- How sin makes Man "dis-graced", "dis-possed" and "dis-empowered" before God
- Why guilt and shame are symptoms of larger spiritual sickness
- How "martyrdom of mortification" is the only way to combat sexual and spiritual struggles
- Why God's wrath is often an expression of His mercy
- How Baptism and the Eucharist are covenant pledges
- Why the Covenant is our "life, fire & flood insurance" for salvation
- Why pride and envy are such deadly sins