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What Every Catholic Should Know About Angels
Fr. William Wagner
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Fr. William Wagner, with Jesse Romero M.A., Terry Barber
(3 Talks)

Terry Barber, Jesse Romero and Fr. William Wagner discuss what every Catholic should know, but probably doesn’t, about the role of angels in our lives.

In this lively series, Fr. Wagner, answers all manner of questions on who the angels are, what their role is, how and why they can and do defend us against demons, the number of “angelic choirs” that exist and their meaning in terms of hierarchy and so much more.

Fr. Wagner, a noted expert on Angelology, is endorsed by none other than Dr. Scott Hahn as a best resource on the theology of the holy Angels.  After listening to this series of interviews, you will know more that most Catholics know about the holy angels!

(3 Talks)