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Let There Be Light
(Light and Life Series)

by Dr. Scott Hahn
Retail: $3.95

Let There Be Light
by Dr. Scott Hahn

Do you have a desire to reach Catholics -especially young Catholics you know- with the timeless truths of the Gospel?  It’s a sad reality that young people today are bombarded daily with worldly and sinful influences from every conceivable angle.

Now, you can give them something to combat the seductive ways of the world with this time–tested and proven Catholic Gospel tract, which has been distributed to thousands of young people across the country!

Why are we offering this booklet at these low prices?
Years ago, Dr. Scott Hahn was asked to offer his years of experience in Catholic evangelization to the creation of this booklet, and he gratefully did so. Today, Terry Barber knows that, if Catholics -especially young Catholics- are not moving forward in their Catholic Faith, then they are stagnating or slowly slipping into darkness.

The sad statistic: For every 1 person that enters the Church, another 6 are leaving or stop attending!   †   We have to reach out to young Catholics now before it’s too late; We felt compelled to offer “bulk pricing” on these booklets.  

Special “Bulk” Pricing (while supplies last):
1 Booklet for your $3.95 DONATION
5 for $8.75 DONATION ($1.75 each)
10 for $15 DONATION ($1.50 each)
20 for $20 DONATION ($1.00 each)
100 for $95 DONATION ($0.95 each)
** Or, call Terry Barber at (877) 526-2151 for larger or different quantities **

In this booklet, Catholics –especially young Catholics– will discover...
◊ The meaning and purpose of life;
◊ The Gospel message offered in common everyday language;
◊ That ideas have consequences, and that bad ideas have bad consequences;
◊ Salvation history utilizing simple comprehensible concepts;
◊ The amazing truth about God’s love;
◊ Why the world fails to deliver on its empty promises;
◊ And so much more...

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