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How To Share Your Faith With Anyone - Book
Terry Barber


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Terry Barber

Have you ever been at a loss when speaking with atheists about your Catholic faith? Tongue-tied when a protestant questions and challenges the faith? Have you ever wondered what you could do to obey our Lord’s command to “spread the Gospel?”  If so, Terry Barber has written a book for you!

Recent popes have challenged all Catholics to participate in the New Evangelization.  But most Catholics feel ill-equipped to take up the challenge. Terry Barber, founder of St. Joseph Communications, has written a practical guide that takes much of the pain and uncertainty out of sharing one’s faith.

Based on Barber’s decades of personal experience as an effective evangelist and masterful communicator, and drawing on the perceptions, examples, and lessons of other great evangelists and apologists, How To Share Your Faith With Anyone informs, entertains, and inspires would-be, as well as, seasoned evangelists and teachers.

Terry Barber, as the founder of Saint Joseph Communications, Inc., The Catholic Resource Center, Lighthouse Catholic Media, a co-host for “The Terry and Jesse Show” with Jesse Romero on Immaculate Heart Radio network, co-host of numerous “Culture Warriors for Christ” podcasts, has 30+ years of experience in evangelization in the Catholic Church.

How To Share Your Faith With Anyone is *An easy-to-read and practical guide to evangelization *A response to the call of recent Popes *Inspirational, entertaining and faith-forming

In this book, Barber uses clear examples and insightful stories to explain such topics as:
 * What evangelization is
 * Why Catholic often don’t evangelize
 * Preparing to be an evangelist
 * The eight laws of effectively sharing the faith with anyone
 * Jesus the perfect Evangelizer
 * The heart of evangelization
 * How to share your personal testimony

Barber explains how to bring people to Christ and to his Church without compromise or conflict. This is a superb, easy-to-follow playbook for the New Evangelization.” —Endorsement by Steve Ray, Author, Speaker, apologist, TV host, and convert

Many people know the Catholic faith well, but not many can convey Catholic teaching winningly. Terry Barber is one of the few who can. In this straightforward book, which is based on thirty years of in-the-trenches evangelism, he shows how to pass along to others what you already know but may not know how to share.” &mdashEndorsement by Karl Keating, Founder and President of Catholic Answers

Book type: Sewn Softcover, 180 pages