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2016 Spiritual Warfare Conference
Fr. John Struzzo, Zachary King, Jesse Romero MA
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2016 Spiritual Warfare Conference —
Fr. John Struzzo, Zachary King and Jesse Romero, M.A.
(9 Talks)

The 2016 Spiritual Warfare conference was the best conference of its’ kind that we have ever hosted... Registrations were at an all-time high and the lineup of speakers offered presentations to bolster anyone’s spiritual life and strengthen your own relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ like never before.

However, for those who could not attend, we recorded the entire set of 9 conference talks!  Consider giving these talks as a gift to a family member or friend?  What about purchasing the entire conference set for a deacon or seminarian you know?

Know a budding Scripture scholar?  Imagine being able to send him or her the 2016 Spiritual Warfare conference where they will receive new insights from Jesse Romero’s biblically-rich presentations on the exorcisms performed by Jesus Christ and how these teachings can be applied to your own spiritual or prayer life. — Think of the momentous and life-changing impact such a gift could have!

Talk #1 - Fr. John Struzzo
Talk #2 - Jesse Romero, M.A.
Talk #3 - Zachary King Conversion Story
Talk #4 - Zachary King
Talk #5 - Fr. John Struzzo
Talk #6 - Jesse Romero, M.A.
Talk #7 - Zachary King
Talk #8 - Jesse Romero, M.A.
Talk #9 - Zachary King

To order individual talks, call us toll-free at 877-526-2151

(9 Talks)