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What’s Happening With The Terry and Jesse Show? [FAQs]
January 09, 2018

Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ — In response to a growing number of inquiries from Terry and Jesse Show fans and listeners, we have answered the most frequently asked questions.

Please read the original press release, “The Terry And Jesse Show Will Continue In Spite Of Being Dropped By Relevant Radio” here.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Concerning Relevant Radio and The Terry and Jesse Show

Why can I no longer listen to The Terry and Jesse Show on Relevant Radio stations?
Relevant Radio decided to stop broadcasting The Terry and Jesse Show.  Previous to our removal from their lineup of shows, we had expressed every desire to continue to provide our program to Relevant Radio, even complying with their requirement that Relevant Radio was to own the Terry and Jesse Show “name,” which meant that, going forward, we wouldn’t be able to provide our shows to other independent radio stations across the country or archive the shows on our Terry and Jesse Show app.

What is Relevant Radio?
Relevant Radio is a Catholic radio network headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 2017, Relevant Radio acquired the California–based Immaculate Heart Radio network, which, like other Catholic radio networks and Catholic radio stations, had carried The Terry and Jesse Show and its’ predecessor since its start.

Why did Relevant Radio remove The Terry and Jesse Show from its’ lineup?
We don’t know.  We met Relevant Radio’s requests, even when this meant that The Terry and Jesse Show could not independently provide it’s programs to other Catholic radio stations and networks. We also agreed to stop uploading podcasts of our shows to our own app in favor of sending our listeners to Relevant Radio’s podcast library.

How can I continue to listen to The Terry and Jesse Show?
Download the Terry and Jesse Show App (see below).  We have re-activated our podcasts library so that you can listen to previous shows.  Additionally, we ask that you encourage others to do the same through social media and email. Listeners in the areas of the U.S. within the broadcast reach of Relevant Radio can still listen to re-broadcasts of The Terry and Jesse Show weekdays 5-6pm Pacific Time (8-9pm Eastern) through January 12, 2018.

Finally, please refer to the links (below) to find out the latest on the Terry and Jesse Show:
CRC’s Listen Live webpage:
To listen to past\previous shows on your PC:
Terry and Jesse Show App:

I love The Terry and Jesse Show and want as many people to hear it as possible.  How can I help?
Please share—and keep sharing!—with your friends and family via social media, email, texts, and good old-fashioned face-to-face, about all the different ways people can hear The Terry and Jesse Show. And please be generous in your support of the Terry and Jesse Show's co-hosts ( and so that we can market the show all over the world. Thank you in advance! More than anything, please pray for us.

I have more questions. Can I talk to someone?
Call Terry Barber at 877-526-2151 (office) and Jesse Romero at 480-634-6114 (office) and leave your message and\or contact information.