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Why The Ashes?
Jesse Romero, MA

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Why The Ashes?
Jesse Romero, MA

Jesse shows why the Ash Wednesday service is distinctive and how there is no liturgical action like it throughout the entire Church year.  But, how much do any of us know about WHY ashes are given or “imposed” on Ash Wednesday?

The imposition of ashes is a solemn ritual that signals the beginning of the holy season of Lent.  Referring to common situations and using common sense along with his knowledge of the Church’s teachings and sacred Scripture, Jesse offers tips on teaching family and friends and even “nominal” Catholics that we may encounter who often ask us why we wear “those ashes” on our foreheads.

Going back and forth between numerous passages from both the Old Testament and the New Testament as he answers questions from people who email him, Jesse shows just how bliblical Ash Wednesday is and the multiple meaning of the ashes and the “40 Days” of Lent.  He also explains the importance of this time in the Church’s liturgical calendar is to teach and remind us that none of us will live forever and that we have to be mindful of our life on this earth in consideration of the afterlife.

 » Why Catholics put ashes on our heads on Ash Wednesday
 » Why do we receive ashes on Ash Wednesday?
 » Since it’s not a holy day of obligation, how important is Ash Wednesday?
 » What material is burned to create the ashes?
 » And much more!


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