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What Is Contemplative Prayer? by Fr. Jean-Pierre DeCaussade
Fr. Thomas Dubay
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What Is Contemplative Prayer?
Fr. Thomas Dubay
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There are just a few books that a person will keep on his or her bookshelf over the years and read again and again... Such a book takes a special quality... Many have found that unique quality in Fr. Jean-Pierre DeCaussade’s What Is Contemplative Prayer?.

This classic has just been re-released for publication and, in honor of that, we are now offering one of Ignatius Press’ all-time best selling books –in audiobook format– just in time for you to get and listening.

Fr. De Caussade has a way of offering Our Lord’s basic truths so that they never seems to tire the reader\listener, touching the heart to urge the believer to take the words of Jesus to the young man as their own...“give up everything and follow me.”

For more than 250 years, this simple classic of inspiration has guided readers (now listeners) to the open-hearted acceptance of God’s will that is the only path to serenity, peace and true happiness... take advantage of this offer today!

(3 Talks)

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