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What Every Catholic Needs To Know About The Bible, DVD-Video
Arnold, Hahn, Barber, Romero, Pitre
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What Every Catholic Needs To Know About The Bible
Arnold, Hahn, Barber, Romero, Pitre
(1 DVD-Video)

Discover the “Gospel Truth” about the Bible

Now, you’ll be empowered to discover and share the truth about such important topics as the inspiration of Sacred Scripture, the formation of the Biblical canon, the crucial role of the Church’s Tradition in Biblical interpretation, and the history of Biblical translations from the time of Christ till today.

As you discover how the literary forms employed by the inspired authors helps us to understand the holy Bible, you'll find in this video presentation the perfect for adult inquiry classes, RCIA, Confirmation and Catholic Bible study groups.

With this inspiring and enlightening presentation, you’ll have a powerful and painless way to share the essential truths about the Bible and its relationship to the Catholic Church with everyone.

 » What the word “Testament” really means
 » Why the Bible is primarily a “Liturgical book”
 » Why it is absolutely necessary to properly interpret the Bible
 » How the divisions of the New Testament parallel the Old
 » Why the “Bible alone” doctrine is unhistorical and unbiblical
 » How the Holy Bible was compiled
 » How the Holy Mass is “the Bible in action”
 » How the Holy Bible is God’s Word to you today
 » And much more

(1 DVD-Video)

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