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The Miracles of Jesus, DVD
Matthew Arnold

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The Miracles of Jesus, DVD
Matthew Arnold

The Miracles of Jesus is an excellent introduction to thirteen miracle stories from the Holy Gospels – each with an introduction, a reading from Sacred Scripture (illustrated on-screen), followed by a brief commentary that focuses especially on the two elements that Catholics care about the most: “What does the Church teach about this?” and, “How does it apply to my life today?”

All together, these biblical presentatioons make a single, poweful and unique presentation, but –since each section is only a few minutes long– any one of them can be used independently in further study for religious education classes, Bible study, and more.

This engaging presentation is simple enough to be suitable for young people and is ideal for family Bible study. Yet, you’ll also find it sufficiently substantial for adults, especially the many Catholics that are new to encountering the Bible outside of the Sunday readings.

What You’ll Discover:
 » Why Jesus performed miracles
 » How the Walking on the Water relates to the Holy Eucharist
 » What the Healing of the Leper reveals about Confession
 » How the miracles of Jesus reveal the plan of God
 » Why Jesus’ miracles are essential to the Gospel
 » How the growth of the Church is one of Jesus’ greatest miracles
 » How Jesus continues to heal us through the Church
 » Why forgiving sins is a greater miracle than raising the dead
 » How the miracles apply to your life
 » And much more!

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