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Interview With An Exorcist, DVD-Video
Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea
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Interview With An Exorcist
Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea
(1 DVD-Video)

Captivating and Compelling
In this captivating video, you’ll discover how Father Jose Antonio Fortea, preparing to seek his doctorate in Church history, was compelled by his bishop to pursue the world's first Ph.D. in exorcism.  You’ll be absolutely amazed at what he learned.

Father Fortea was given unrestricted access to many secret and sealed documents (he spent a month in the Library of Congress, alone!), but that was only the beginning.  For years Father Fortea traveled the world consulting with exorcists, documenting their experiences, investigating cases of suspected demonic possession and actually attending countless exorcisms.

Essential Apostolic Ministry
Because of his unprecedented access to the Church’s ministry of deliverance, what most exorcists may see once in the whole life of their ministry Father Fortea has seen many times. With disarming humility and good humor the unassuming Spanish priest catalogues a dizzying array of strange phenomenon including clairvoyance, speaking unknown languages, superhuman strength and even levitation!

According to producer Matthew Arnold, “There is an eerie quality to Father’s matter-of-fact tone when describing the most bizarre events.  I think it’s precisely his clinical approach that is so compelling, because it is a constant reminder that personified evil, and the divine power to overcome it, are real.

To this day, Fr. Fortea is sought out by exorcists around the globe (often by phone in the middle of the night) to offer his expert diagnosis and counsel.  As you watch this spellbinding presentation you'll better understand the importance of exorcism and why some human forces (even in the Church) attack and disparage this much-needed (just see the headlines) apostolic ministry.  Experience the triumph of Jesus Christ over evil in its most visible form.

(1 DVD-Video)

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