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The Treasures Of The Church
Dcn. Alex Jones
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The Church
The Treasures Of The Church
Dcn. Alex Jones
(3 Talks)

What does a convert discover after saying "yes" to the truths of the Catholic Faith? What challenges await him as he deepens his understanding and commitment to Holy Mother Church?

And, what vital lessons can cradle-Catholics, the fallen-away, and the Church at large draw from these discoveries?

In this series, you will learn:
 » Why people go astray in the pursuit of truth
 » What are the proofs for the existence of God
 » What do Saints Paul, Ignatius, Irenaeus and more say about the Real Presence
 » How gnosticism, modern psychology and Eastern religion combine in the New Age Movement
 » How anyone can refute the New Age doctrine of Reincarnation
 » And of course, much more!

Alex Jones was received into the Catholic Church after 25 years as an Evangelical Pentecostal pastor. Jones discovered the Church Fathers and became convinced of the truth of the Catholic Faith. A man of great conviction, he shared his discovery with his congregation and as a result, most of his former flock entered the Church with him!

(3 Talks)

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