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Sacrament Most Holy: The Urgent Message Of Ecclesia De Eucharistia
Fr. Shannon Collins
(3 Talks)

In this series, Fr. Shannon Michael Collins unpacks Pope John Paul II’s encyclical on the most holy Eucharist to reveal his urgent message to you regarding the source and summit of your Catholic Faith.

Recorded live at Mother Angelica’s Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery and available now on three presentations, Father Shannon describes the Pope’s letter as a welcome rejection of liturgical abuses and religious indifference and a “tightening up” of the doctrine and practices of the Church concerning the Holy Eucharist.

As Father Collins relates, the Supreme Pontiff has taken the occasion of the promulgation of this awesome encyclical to insist on a return to Eucharistic reverence and devotion.  As Father’s insightful commentary unfolds, you’ll discover Pope John Paul’s frustration that the Holy Eucharist is often “celebrated as if it were simply a fraternal banquet” and explains how “Eucharistic Adoration has been almost completely abandoned.”

Father also examines how liturgical abuses have led to “confusion with regard to sound faith and Catholic doctrine” concerning the Blessed Sacrament, why Holy Mass is “too important and precious” to compromise by “innovative” practices, how many of these abuses have been “institutionalized” and most important what’s to be done about it!

Promulgated on the anniversary of Christ’s institution of the Priesthood, this document emerges as one of Pope (St.) John Paul II’s most personal.  You’ll gain a new perspective into the heart of the sainted Holy Father as Father Collins relates Pope John Paul II’s reminiscences about celebrating the Holy Sacrifice, from his first Holy Mass as a simple parish priest to the humbling experience of offering the Eucharistic sacrifice in the Cenacle, the very upper room where Jesus Christ Himself offered the first Holy Mass: the Last Supper.

(3 Talks)

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