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Prayer Is A Dialogue
Archbishop Fulton Sheen



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Prayer Is A Dialogue
Archbishop Fulton Sheen

In this presentation, Archbishop Sheen shows us how studying the Prayer of Jesus, how and when He was devoted to prayer, and why He prayed, we can find a guide for our prayer life.

Sheen reminds us how to implement the “tools” that the archbishop offers in this talk, we will improve our prayer life and in the process change our whole life.  Then, he keenly and lovingly describes what “dialogue with God” means and how you can have an ongoing conversation with your Father in Heaven.

Archbishop Sheen reveals the power of the prayer as he teaches how to have the intimacy and strength of a constant internal dialogue with our Lord.  The beloved and renowned orator and theologian explains the problems with most Christians’ concept of prayer, and details the “mindset” in which we should approach prayer.

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