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Our Lady and This Present Darkness
Fr. Benedict Groeschel
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Spiritual Battle
Our Lady and This Present Darkness
Fr. Benedict Groeschel
(3 Talks)

Discover How to Help the Church in this Present Crisis

In this series, you’ll learn:
 » Why the media is out to destroy the influence of the Catholic Church in the US
 » Why the faith of many Christians in America is so weak
 » Why prophecy doesn’t cause things to happen
 » Why the Bible isn’t literature, but the action of God in the world
 » Why the collapse of religious life in the US is a major catastrophe in Catholic history
 » Why we sometimes get the impression that God is not running the world
 » Why rationalism is irrational
 » Why objective truth must accompany the call of Grace
 » Why the historical–critical method of Scripture study is contrary to faith
 » Why Albert Einstein was fascinated by the mystery of the Blessed Sacrament
 » Why Catholic scholars gave in to the subjectivism and skepticism of the modernists
 » And much more...

(3 Talks)

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