Marijuana, The Mind and Moral Conscience Conference
Jesse Romero MA, Ruben Nava, Dr. Vince Fortanasce
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Jesse Romero MA, Ruben Nava, Dr. Vince Fortanasce
(6 Talks)

With more and more states passing laws legalizing marijuana usage, including the state of California in November 2016, this is an important topic for discussion for Catholics.  Unfortunately, despite the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s clear denunciation of drug use except for strictly medicinal purposes, many Catholics have become ambivalent about the legalization of drugs like marijuana.

Some of the themes covered in this series:
Isn’t marijuana OK Since It’s legal?
Does Marijuana really negatively affect the brain?
Isn’t Marijuana Many Times Less Toxic Than A Legal Substance like Alcohol?
Has Legalization Led to Increased\Decreased Use Among Teens and Minors?
Are marijuana use laws a way of legalizing a drug habit?
And much more...

Join Catholic author and evangelist Jesse Romero M.A., Dr. Vince Fortanasce M.D. as they provide the Catholic answers on this "hot-button" issue and help Catholics answer these tough questions.  Also speaking was Ruben Nava, a member of law enforcement with years of experience battling drugs like marijuana on "the front lines."

More about Dr. Vince? ~ Dr. Vincent Fortanasce is a Clinical Professor of Neurology at USC, a renowned bio-ethicist, author and radio show host with twenty (20) years experience dealing with medical issues on a national and international level, including Parkinson’s Disease\Brain ailment patients like Pope John Paul II!

(6 Talks)