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Holy Spirit: Forgotten Person of The Blessed Trinity
Fr. Shannon Collins
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Holy Spirit: Forgotten Person of The Blessed Trinity
Fr. Shannon Collins
(3 Talks)

Finger of God’s Hand
In this enlightening three-part series, Holy Spirit: Forgotten Person of the Blessed Trinity, you will finally be introduced to this “ultimate gift of God” and forge an intimate friendship with possibly the best friend you could ever have or imagine.

For when God wishes to send special graces and bestow all good things, it is really the Holy Spirit who touches us and spiritually affects our souls.  This is why the Spirit is called the “finger of God’s own hand.”

Father Shannon’s talks will truly inspire and instruct you to better appreciate the “gift that keeps giving” and helps you understand that only by understanding and fully embracing this special gift from above can believers invoke the Holy Spirit’s special assistance to battle temptation, overcome human weakness and ultimately grow in virtue.

You’ll learn the secret formula to animate your faith and to provide the particular graces needed to be perfectly formed in Christ’s image and likeness.

End The Spiritual Drought
This is an audio set that can spiritually spark new excitement into your interior life and literally transform you into a true soldier of Christ like never before.  Father Collins’ conferences will help you better understand the indispensable role of the Holy Spirit in the process of sanctification and to comprehend the vital importance of the maternal intercession of Mary, His Most Holy Spouse.

End the spiritual drought affecting so many souls and relive the incredible power of Pentecost like never before.  Listen and learn to unleash the Spirit’s untold graces and integrate these heavenly gifts into your daily life so that you might grow in holiness and be more closely united to God and neighbor.

(3 Talks)

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