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Family Life
Fathers, Faith and Family
Cavins, Hensley, O’Brien, Stenson
(4 Talks)

According to Pope John Paul II, “In a world that is becoming even more secularized, the great task of the believing family is to become conscious of its own vocation and mission.”

It’s no secret that the family is under attack... now, more than ever.  In these four presentations, Saint Joseph Communications has gathered four respected Catholic speakers to take on the challenge of facing the facts about faith, family and fatherhood.

Jeff Cavins details the profound impact that your family can have on our society when you begin to recognize your family as a place of sacrifice.  You’ll appreciate the intimate and candid way that Jeff offers examples from his own family life to show you how to take advantage of this crucial spiritual principle.

In a heartfelt and truly practical presentation, Baptist convert Ken Hensley reveals six effective strategies to help you keep your kids Catholic.  Drawing on personal experiences plus centuries of Catholic spiritual wisdom, Ken shares timeless, real-world advice that you can really use.

Michael O’Brien shares the importance of forming our children in a genuine culture.  In the face of the relentless onslaught of movies, TV, video games, mainstream media, etc., you’ll discover how to recognize and resist the negative influences of the secular culture on your kids without becoming “paranoid” or “alarmist.”

Jim Stenson, a Catholic educator of the “old school” shares his extensive experience with Catholic families and the formation of their children.  An astute observer, Mr. Stenson distills decades of personal experience to discern for you the qualities and characteristics essential to become a successful Catholic father.

 » How your sacrifices can positively impact modern society
 » How to teach your children that happiness can’t be found in materialism
 » How to recognize and resist the negative influences of secular culture on your family
 » Six ways to keep your kids Catholic
 » The 10 basic questions Protestants have concerning Catholicism
 » Why we Catholic Americans may be “amusing ourselves to death”
 » What is the real meaning of “culture”
 » How your family is called to be “in the world, but not of the world”
 » What is the key to your family’s happiness
 » What being a “successful” Catholic father really means

(4 Talks)

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