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Crisis In Culture
Fr. George Rutler
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Spiritual Warfare
Crisis In Culture
Fr. George Rutler
(6 Talks)

It has been said that when you separate God from society, you end up with a culture destined to destroy itself.  According to Fr. George Rutler of St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, the nihilism and vulgarity of contemporary art and literature, have not arisen in a vacuum, all by themselves.

Rather, the arts – whether music, poetry, films, or novels – reflect the underlying spirituality of a society.  And a society radically indifferent to God and to His will for human beings must inevitably slide into despair.

In this stimulating series of thirteen half-hour talks, the renowned Anglican convert sets out to show how the answer to the present crisis in our culture can only be found when man returns to God.

Satanic Strategies
Now available for the first time on audio, the thought provoking presentation, Crisis in Culture, features the renowned Anglican convert training his impressive intellect on the many problems facing society today.  Originally aired on EWTN and digitally re-mastered for this special re-release, Fr. Rutler’s insights prove positively prophetic as he looks to sacred Scripture, history and philosophy to unmask the satanic strategies directed against our modern culture.

Covering such topics as Church authority and the state of modern education, Fr. Rutler reveals that when people lose their trust in God, they’ll put their trust in anything, but God!  He uncovers how Satan masquerades behind seemingly pragmatic political solutions to problems that politics cannot solve, and reveals that in the modern world there are very few political struggles that are not, in reality, spiritual struggles.

Sin and Scandal
With dry wit and extraordinary depth, the Oxford educated cleric explains the many factors that have reduced our culture to accepting a “lowest common denominator of sin.”  He describes how the graphic images and profanity common on today’s television programs would have been unthinkable less than thirty years ago.

He explains why educators assume that young people cannot be taught the lessons of morality considered ordinary behavior only a generation ago. And he describes how the Evil One desires for us to be at once discouraged and titillated by scandals in the Church, enticing us to believe ourselves victims instead of sinners.

The New Cold War
Father asserts that in our post-Cold War era, there is a new “cold war” in the land. Exposing the folly of the position that “It doesn't matter what you do as long as your heart’s in the right place,” Father reveals the nature of a “cold war” fought with a cold heart that denies the very fact of God, and the fact of rebellion against God.

In this provocative presentation, Fr. George Rutler reminds Catholic Americans why the surest battle cry to see the faithful through this present darkness is, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”  Fr. Rutler shows why there are only two kinds of people: Those who are inspired by God and those who are haunted by Him.

Available now on six audio presentations, Crisis in Culture is a challenging program from one of the great intellects in the Catholic Church today. Order your copy now and rediscover why Jesus Christ is the only person in history that will ever be able to answer the toughest problems of our troubled times.

What you’ll discover:
 » Why the Catholic Church is the sole guarantee against superstition
 » Why Confession is called the “baptism of tears”
 » Why the 20th century saw more martyrs than all previous Christian centuries combined
 » What happens when we let the Government become our “Mother”
 » The difference between nostalgia and tradition
 » Why Creeds are not credulity
 » The most important virtue for young people today
 » Why we are still waiting for true renewal in the Church
 » And much, much more!

(6 Talks)

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