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Catholics and The Culture War
Robert Dornan, Tim Staples
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Spiritual Warfare
Catholics and The Culture War
Robert Dornan, Tim Staples
(3 Talks)

WARNING: Some Content May be Offensive to the “Politically Correct”
Join the Battle to Reclaim Our “Lost Civilization

Highlights in this series include
 » Key dates and points of departure in the decline of our culture
 » Straight talk about modern culture and the scandals in the Church
 » How scandals, like those currently rocking the Church, were dealt with in the days before Vatican II
 » Why we must raise the standard of virtue in society and the Church
 » The dark side of Hollywood’s “Golden Age”
 » How radical feminism buckled the ‘last line of defense’ for our culture
 » The connection between pornography and the moral decline in society and the Church
 » What should be done about non-celibate and practicing homosexual priests
 » Why certain bishops will only give ‘half-hearted’ support in the battle for decency The crucially important role of the next Pope
 » How to encourage young people get involved in the fight to reclaim our culture
 » And much more...

(3 Talks)

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