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The Sacraments
A Biblical Theology Of The Covenant Priesthood
Dr. Scott Hahn
(4 Talks)

Let’s face it.  Except for 2 or 3 standout dioceses, there is a vocations crisis in the Catholic Church, especially in the United States and it needs to be seen for what it is!  Clearly, clergy and laity alike desperately need a better understanding and appreciation of the nature and role of the priesthood in God’s plan for our lives.

Enthusiastic Response
In this digitally re-mastered four-part series, respected professor of theology and best-selling Catholic author, Dr. Scott Hahn reflects on the awesome dignity of the priesthood and how it reflects the natural role of the man in the family – as father, son, bridegroom and brother.

Dr. Hahn’s heartening message is both timeless and timely, and is guaranteed to instill renewed confidence in God's fidelity.  But you’ll be especially encouraged as you listen to the enthusiastic response of Dr. Hahn’s audience – because it is composed entirely of Catholic priests!

As one priest who attended this series of talks remarked, “Although I’ve been a priest for thirty-five years now, I must say that until hearing these talks, I never really understood or appreciated the essential meaning and dignity of my vocation to the priesthood.  And I’m sure that this would hold true for many others too.

Much-Needed Light
In this enlightening and inspiring presentation, the former Presbyterian minister begins by revealing that his well-known conversion to Catholicism did not come about because of apologetics, or argumentation, but by “soaking in Scripture” and discovering God’s covenants in His Word.  And in these four remarkable talks, he reveals how it is precisely this biblical understanding of the nature of "covenant" that sheds much needed light on the very essence of God's covenant priesthood.

Through an examination of God’s Covenants with His people, you’ll discover the foundation for the overarching theme in Sacred Scripture, salvation history and the mystery that lies at the very heart of our religion as Catholic Christians.  Using many references to the Sacred Scriptures, Scott Hahn builds a bridge between the biblical swearing of covenant oaths and the spiritual fatherhood of the Catholic priesthood, unpacking the essential truths of priests as our supernatural fathers, brothers, sons, and spouses of the bride of Christ.

Timely Words of Wisdom
Throughout it all, you’ll be powerfully reminded of the great graces poured out on the Church through the priesthood.  Your love and appreciation of Christ and His Holy Priesthood will be greatly increased, as you are inspired and encouraged by Scott Hahn’s timely words of wisdom from the inspired Word of God.

Order your copy of A Biblical Theology of the Covenant Priesthood today and get another copy for the priest or seminarian in your life that desperately needs to hear this vital message of God’s faithfulness!

What makes Catholic priests father figures for the laity
How Covenant is the mystery of Our Faith
The true meaning of Sacrament
How priests are the messengers of God’s covenant
Why Jesus wants us to have more than a “personal relationship” with Him
How covenant transforms creatures into sons and daughters
Why priests are called to “image the father”
How in the Old Testament, a priest is to be a father
How in the Old Testament, a father is to be a priest
The spiritual authority of sacrificial love
How the Church is seen as a battlefield, courtroom and family
And much, much more!

(4 Talks)

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