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2017 Call To Holiness Conference
Terry Barber, Dr. Edmund Mazza
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2017 Call To Holiness Conference —
Terry Barber, Dr. Edmund Mazza
(5 Talks)

In this conference, Terry Barber and Dr. Ed Mazza shared facts, stories and comtemporary examples about holiness and why we, as Catholic-Christians, must make personal holiness our main goal in each person’s (relatively short) earthly life.

As they began the day’s presentations, they appealed to a couple of troubling statistics:
1) That most young adult Christians no longer not make it their goal in life to become a saint and
2) Over 80% of Catholics do not realize “Who” they are receiving in Communion line at holy Mass.

With this conference, you’ll understand:
Why the realization that God is holy is critical to our own understanding of why we must become holy
How St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) compares our crosses with Our Lord’s Cross at Calvary
Why St. Edith Stein said that, in some circumstances, “human activities cannot help us, only the suffering of Christ”
Why the care of and state of the soul takes priority over the body
Why an attitude of everyday holiness is possible on a deep, yet practical level
What Jesus’ Parable about the Vine and the Branches has to do with salvation and becoming holy
And much more!

(5 Talks)