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The Terry And Jesse Show Will Continue In Spite Of Being Dropped By Relevant Radio
January 05, 2018
LOS ANGELES CA — On January 4th, The Terry and Jesse Show received news that Relevant Radio will no longer be broadcasting their show; However, they will continue fighting the good fight and will continue broadcasting their live broadcast on other networks and by other means.

The Terry and Jesse Show, hosted by two on-fire Catholic men, provided a high-energy-Catholicism, one-hour-long call-in show from Monday through Friday, completely free of charge, for over 5 years on Immaculate Heart Radio.

Relevant Radio merged with the Immaculate Heart Radio (IHR) in 2017, and within months of the merger, Relevant Radio made the decision to drop some of Immaculate Heart Radio’s top shows, including Catholic Answers Live, Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam and now The Terry and Jesse Show.

For 11 years, Terry Barber, founder of Saint Joseph Communications, Lighthouse Catholic Media and the Catholic Resource Center has been providing free programming for Immaculate Heart Radio.  Barber was also instrumental in helping IHR, now Relevant Radio, acquire their largest radio market in the country, the Los Angeles market, which has a potential reach of 16 million listeners.

“We are obviously disappointed. As indicated by the many emails and calls we are receiving, we know that many of our listeners are also disappointed.’ Barber said.  “We are very grateful for all the support we have received and it also encourages us in our resolve to continue what we are doing, using other means of sharing our show with the world.”

On January 15th, The Terry and Jesse show will continue to broadcast live through their Terry and Jesse Show App, available for both Android and Apple devices, as well as on their website, via podcasts and using other internet means.

“I have heard that people are already calling their local Catholic radio stations and asking them if they can carry our show.  At least 10 independent radio stations have already contacted us wanting to broadcast our show.” Barber said.  “Our hope is that many other stations will do the same so we can continue to reach as many souls as possible for Jesus Christ.”

Despite this very difficult transition, both Terry and Jesse remain hopeful.  Barber says “We have to remain hopeful.  In this time, we are surrendering to God’s permissive will. Thank You Jesus!  The heaviest pain in my heart right now comes at the thought of all those listeners who have been impacted.

Just today, in the pile of support emails, I read an email from a mother who said her 13-year-old boy, who has been listening to The Terry and Jesse Show since he was 11, ‘loved your show’ and it gave him courage to live his Catholic faith, despite that fact his friends are not practicing.  With your help, we will be able to continue to broadcast to others like this young listener who enjoys our straight-talk-Catholicism style.”

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