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Brothers and sisters,

80% of Catholic young people leave (have dropped the name “Catholic” and consider themselves to be nothing) the Church by the age of 23. A new Pew report tells us that 20% of Americans rely only on their smartphones for internet access. For young people, that percentage is even higher.

We are working on a faithful to the Catholic faith, well-designed smartphone app to help prepare listeners to better understand (for some, to understand for the first time) — and more fully live! — their Catholic Faith.

Funding for an app that is available on Apple and Android mobile phones is important. We know that many of you realize that younger Catholics need to keep learning about their faith or to be catechized for the first time.  This is why we are developing the Terry and Jesse Show app, to help us meet Catholics where they are.... online and on their mobile devices.

Thank you for supporting us and our evangelization efforts.  God love you!

Terry Barber,
co-host of The Terry and Jesse Show

Help us make the Terry and Jesse Show App a reality.  Remember that 100% of your contribution will help us bring the Catholic Gospel to young people!  Click to Donate for the Terry & Jesse Show App


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