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West Coast Biblical Studies Conference

March 24, 2018
Covina CA

And The Word Became Flesh...


Johnny Romero, Dr. Edmund Mazza and Mary Danielle Barber, M.A. are all credentialed or certified teachers of the Catholic Faith and will provide you with a deeper understanding of sacred Scripture, sacred Tradition and Church history.

Too often in this “no-God, no-bible, no miracles” culture, it can become difficult to show friends or coworkers that the holy Bible is still relevant as ever.  You’ll enjoy a day filled with the Church’s teachings and “biblical knowledge” that will give you a “greater love for God’s holy word” and a deeper understanding of the Real Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist.

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Through the efforts of the Catholic Resource Center, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, we’ve been able to provide events, conferences and radio programs that continue the work of bringing the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (evangelization).

This outreach provides quality Catholic speakers on the topics of Evangelization, Apologetics, Catholic Spirituality, Spiritual Warfare, Men’s Conferences, Women’s Conferences and other Catholic events throughout the year.

The overwhelming number of calls, emails, and requests we’ve received have proven that the faithful are hungry to hear the uncompromising Truths of the Catholic Faith.


In just a few short years, the Sacred Heart Chapel in Covina CA has had a profound effect on every person who has visited, whether their visit was for a wedding, daily Mass, Sunday Mass with the Melkite Catholic rite or for our many conferences.

If you ever saw the inside of this Church, you would fall in love with it.” —CRC staff member

Even though the Sacred Heart Chapel is over 105 years old, it has a lovingly preserved beautiful interior (original wood ceiling, stone walls, stained glass windows), an upgraded bathroom and an additional second bathroom, a brand-new electrical system and brand-new AC system, providing comfort for all the events taking place at the Chapel.

The Most Exciting & Informative Biblical Studies Conference You’ll Attend This Year!
Join our special guests Catholic evangelist Johnny Romero, bible theologian Mary Danielle Barber M.A. and professor of History Edmund Mazza Ph.D for the 2018 West Coast Biblical Studies Conference – brought to you by the Catholic Resource Center.