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Heart To Heart with Mother Miriam  
From 7 to 8am PT from Monday through Friday, listen to Mother Miriam’s loving brand of wisdom here on, thanks to her partnership with the Virgin Most Powerful Radio network.

The Terry and Jesse Show
Broadcasting from 11am to 12pm PT daily, get involved in Full Contact Catholicism!  Terry Barber and Jesse Romero are two men, by the grace of God, who have been sharing Catholic Truth without compromise on traditional broadcast radio for 11 years – and they’re just getting started!
Happy Hour
Entertaining as well as enlightening, author and speaker Matthew Arnold reveals how true happiness can only be found by answering the Church’s Universal Call to Holiness. With insight and good humor, Matthew helps you experience the joy and peace of Christ — even in trying times.  (Broadcasts from 12pm to 1pm PT every day)

The Bar of History  
Broadcasting from 1pm to 2pm PT daily, Professor of Church history Edmund Mazza, PhD powerfully and plainly presents the whole truth about Catholicism’s glorious past. In a down-to-earth style, “Dr. Ed” will reveal the importance of the saints and sinners, the great events, and the quiet moments of Catholic history.

Terry Barber’s SJC audio library  
From 2pm to 3pm PT daily, enjoy audio content selected from Terry Barber’s 40 years of recordings, including Archbishop Sheen, the 20th Century’s finest preacher-speaker ever recorded.

Catholic Answers Live  
From 3pm to 5pm PT Monday through Friday, enjoy 2 hours with our friends at Catholic Answers Live, featuring Open Forum, The Chaplain Is In, Catholic Answers to Protestant Questions... and everything else Catholic.