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 Our History with Saint Joseph Communications, Inc.

For 30 Years, We’ve Provided You The Tools You Need To Grow In and Share Your Faith

Dear Friend,

For the better part of 30 years, Saint Joseph Communications was a pioneer of Catholic media, sharing the message of Jesus Christ and His Church with millions of people across the world.

It all started in the early 1980s when I recorded a talk by a dynamic Protestant pastor named Scott Hahn who had recently converted to Catholicism and was eager to tell the world why. His conversion story—and many others like it—have inspired and equipped countless people in their journey towards a relationship with Jesus Christ.

“I am returning to the Church after being away for 35 years. Their [presentations] whet my appetite and I am motivated to learn more about my Faith.” —Stan, Columbus GA

“I am a non-Catholic who is looking for a way to God. This talk answered some questions I had about faith and came from a place where I am at. I have prayed and want to learn more about the Catholic Church.”—Tammy, Clarksdale MS

Saint Joseph Communications’ products
After offering our product line to Lighthouse Catholic Media for a short time, we are now once again offering the ENTIRE Saint Joseph Communications product line that has brought the world hundreds of talks on CD, DVD, MP3 and books from some of the most compelling and orthodox voices in the Church today!  We’re proud to offer a stellar, orthodox list of speakers faithful to Holy Mother Church—each with unique gifts to help bring you or a loved one to an encounter with Jesus Christ.

Historically, our mission is made possible thanks to the generosity of Catholics like you.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Catholic Resource Center to help us continue to inspire and equip millions of people across the world.

God love you,

Terry Barber
Saint Joseph Communications, Inc.