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Dr. Scott Hahn --

For three hours Jesus suffered the agony of crucifixion. It was difficult for Him to breathe, excruciating for Him to speak. Yet, He spoke seven times from the cross. He spoke to us, His words as poignant and mysterious today as when He first uttered them.

Dr. Scott Hahn, in this powerful series, provides a stirring biblical meditation on Jesus's seven last sayings; a window into the heart of our Savior.

Since his seminary days, Dr. Hahn has been pondering the theological and personal significance of these seven sayings. Now, let Dr. Hahn share with you the fruits of his study and prayer; a deeper understanding of these words, and the truth and love Jesus longs to communicate through them. Dr. Hahn gives inspiration along with information and his words challenge luke-warmness and rekindles the fire of divine love.

Led by Dr. Hahn's biblical insights, A Window Into Our Savior's Heart will help you reflect on the greatest gift we have ever been given: the life of Jesus Christ poured out for us on the Cross.

Discover the profound depths of Christ's seven last sayings from the Cross on Calvary. You will find that this series is a fresh look at mysteries ever ancient, ever new!


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